53-55 Parchmore Road
Thornton Heath
Surrey CR7 8LY
Tel: 020 8653 7353/8998

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Parchmore Methodist Church,

Youth and Community Centre

The Parchmore Centre has been making a difference to people’s lives for over 100 years. Originally just a church, the centre now boasts a fully functional Youth & Community Centre after a decision made over thirty years ago to spread out into the community. 

Today, an extraordinary number of activities occur at Parchmore each week. Twenty staff and 120 volunteers provide services to the local community which include Pre-School, The Pop-In, Meals-on-Legs, The Healthy Living Centre, and the Good Neighbour Scheme. 

A staggering 1,700 people use the premises each week, representing over 45 different groups, participating in social, recreational, educational, cultural and religious activities. This is on top of the everyday life of the church which meets for worship on both Sundays, and mid-week, and provides different fellowship groups to its members.





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